Distijl offers personalized distilling – designing new-make single barrels under private labels – for clubs, organizations, and individuals. 

We invite you to develop your very own, completely unique product. 




You select the barrel, choose a bottle, and we work with you on a label.

We make it easy and coordinate the bottling and labeling.


Complete the form below to get started. We recommend setting up a call

to discuss how the process works and answer any question.

Inventory is limited, so we will send samples to interested parties

in the order applications are received.



Rules of Engagement
Purchase Agreement
Terms and Conditions


What are the minimums?

Typically, a barrel. However, in some circumstances, we could be flexible and able to break up a barrel for a smaller bottle quantity. It’s a factor of supply and demand, but we will be as accommodating as possible.

How long does this take?

Once labeling and packaging are determined, it takes anywhere from a few weeks to a month to get the product from the barrel to the bottles. The timeline can be firmed-up during one of the initial calls to meet nearly any demand.

Can a member purchase more than one bottle?

Certainly - this is solely a decision made by your group/club.

Can we sell these bottles on the secondary market?

Yes, when you purchase your bottle it is yours to do with what you will.

Do we collect payments or does Distijl?

Your group or club should handle the payments. However, we can disucss with you other options, as needed.

Can we design our own label? Can we select our own bottle type?

Yes and yes (although the bottle types are from a pre-selected group of vendors and there are many options - short, tall, high shoulders, low shoulders, etc.).

Limitations on customizing, labeling, design.

Any club or vanity stickers applied to bottles will be done ONLY post-purchase. By signing this waiver, you agree to assume all responsibility for any re-labeling activity that occurs post-sale, and you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Distijl harmless in this regard and with regard to any and all damages or losses Distijl may incur, including but not limited to its reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs. Distijl will not procure, print, or adhere stickers or labels that knowingly violate IP or copyright laws, as spelled out below. Labels and designs cannot violate any IP, copyright, etc. Also, the label must be legal with the TTB and contain no profanity, vulgarity, content that is culturally insensitive, or any other content deemed inappropriate by the Distijl brand. (See guidelines below.) Distijl reserves the absolute right to refuse to apply any stickers or labels. Distijl is required to apply our TTB-approved regulatory label to each bottle. If a customer requires design modifications related to this label, we will work with the customer to modify the aesthetic look/feel within the TTB approved guidelines, and potentially at the customer’s expense.

Content Prohibited Under Intellectual Property Laws

The following list is NOT comprehensive. Distijl reserves the absolute right to expand the scope of this list in its sole discretion. If in doubt, consult with an attorney. No use of names, logos, content, photos, pictures, or other unauthorized use of intellectual property relating to colleges/universities, professional sports teams, video games, clubs, organizations, or Olympic merchandise. Modifications may not avoid infringement. No use of names, logos, photos, pictures, or other unauthorized use of intellectual property of musical groups or musical artists. You also cannot modify the name or other intellectual property relating to these individuals to avoid infringement. No use of names, logos, photos, pictures, or other unauthorized use of intellectual property from known distilleries, producers of distilled spirits, or known brands either past or present. You also cannot modify the name or other intellectual property relating to distilleries or distilled spirits producers to avoid infringement. Bottle designs, logos, and depictions cannot mimic or copy the likeness of the brand, in such manner that would seem confusing to a consumer. No use of photos, logos, or other artwork depicting actors, actresses, models, or other celebrities. Just because you take a photograph of a celebrity does not necessarily give you the right to use that photograph, even if you digitally manipulate the photograph. Exception: content depicting political figures is permissible if used to promote political free speech (and not to endorse products). A political figure is usually a person holding or seeking political office. While certain celebrities are sometimes active in politics, Distijl does not allow use of content depicting celebrities in any manner unless expressly authorized by that person. No use of logos of companies, trademarks, or names of companies, unless you are the holder of the trademark, or an agent for that company. Documentation identifying your valid trademark right and the goods and/or services to which it pertains may be required. A valid trademark right consists of a trademark registered with a national government organization. Exception: content depicting political parties is permissible if used to promote political free speech, and the content does not otherwise use or depict other trademarks, names, or logos. Use of logos, names of groups, organizations, or clubs not covered by trademark (such as a facebook group, or social club), is permitted, however proof as a right holder or administrator of the group, club, or organization may be required. No pictures or photographs of products, such as toys or potentially copyrighted memorabilia. Even if you own such product, intellectual property laws may still prohibit you from featuring pictures of it. For example, you cannot take a picture of a famous toy, and create a label depicting that famous toy from that picture.

How does payment work?

Once you select a barrel, we require a 20% non-refundable deposit to secure your barrel. This covers the cost of getting your barrel into bottle, labels, etc. The remainder payment is due upon pick-up.

Can I get the actual barrel?

Yes, the physical barrel is included in the price, if you want it. Unless you pick it up, you will need to make arrangements to ship the barrel. We have a shipping partner that will handle that, if you are interested.

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