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May 4, 2020

Distijl donates Small Batch Hand Sanitizers, inspired by Kentucky, to support Central Kentucky Restaurants and Bars as they prepare for phased opening.

Distijl has created a unique product Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon Hand Sanitizers,

Inspired by KY Bourbon culture in a time of pandemic to keep people safe, and help out an industry.

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Distijl's first batch of Kentucky Craft Hand Sanitizer, bottled and labelled to reflect Kentucky Bourbon Culture and history.



LOUISVILLE, KY — As Kentucky begins preparing for May phased reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic, Distijl, a small distilled spirits company in Louisville, is donating their first batch of Small Batch Hand Sanitizer to independent restaurants and bars in Central Kentucky, who will be limited to carry-out and curbside service throughout May, in accordance with the plans detailed by Governor Beshear.


“We want to make hand sanitizer fun, and inspired by Kentucky’s Bourbon culture,” said Walter Zausch, CEO of Distijl.


This first batch was double distilled in whiskey pot-stills in Kentucky, to 190 proof, from corn grown locally in Kentucky in partnership with Whiskey Thief Distilling Company, a craft distillery located in Frankfort, Kentucky. Distijl’s formulation and is compliant with the FDA and WHO guidelines for hand sanitizer, and is for external use only.


“We even left a bit of the corn-whiskey scent in the bottle, to make it different from the normal ethanol smelling sanitizers people are used to. The corn scent evaporates after a few seconds, but leaves your hands feeling soft, and most importantly, germ free.”


Bottled in custom designed and vintage-syled 12 ounce Kentucky Bourbon whiskey-bottle flasks adds a touch of fun to the product as well.


“Staying safe with Kentucky Craft Bourbon inspired hand sanitizer was our goal for the product -- that and helping people, along the way.”


Once the initial distribution is completed, Distijl’s will begin their second batch of Hand Sanitizer, offered for consumer or organizational purchase available on the Distijl website, with all proceeds to support local restaurant workers and bartenders in the hospitality industry. 


“We’ve got some exciting things planned for an otherwise mundane, but necessary product as we continue returning to normal business post-pandemic. We can’t wait for our customers to see what we have planned,” said Walter Zausch.

“Our local independent restaurants and bars have been hit hard during this pandemic, and are such an important part of the Kentucky culture. We wanted to do what we could to help these businesses keep their employees safe as they continue to offer carry-out and curbside service to their customers,” said Greg Franklin, head of product development for Distijl.


“While the big distilleries did an incredible job of supplying the front-line healthcare workers, Distijl wanted to do what we can do to help and support the local independent hospitality industry, and their employees. We are in this together.“

Enjoy Kentucky Safely.

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Distijl [dəˈstil] is a distilled spirits company enabling engaging, innovative experiences and products within the Bourbon industry for individuals, groups, and organizations. Distijl’s four key products — Single Barrel Selection, Limited Edition products, Events & Tastings, and Personalized Distilling (launching later in 2020) — provides the ultimate personalized Bourbon experience tailored to your unique taste. Design and distill your work of art.


If you would like more information about this release, please contact:

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Walter Zausch


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