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For clubs and organizations, we offer a personalized barrel selection program – single barrels under private labels.


We keep an eye on finding the finest Kentucky Bourbons and other spirits we can get our hands on, and then invite individuals, businesses, or groups to hand select from samples – enabling them to develop completely unique products for their members.



In short, you select from the spirits we sourced, you select a bottle, we work with you on a label, and we bottle and label it for purchase or offered to your members.

We hand select the finest inventory of unique bourbons – while occasionally similar, no two barrels are exactly alike. The inventory is limited, so we will send samples to interested parties in the order this application is received.


Fill out the form below to help us best help you create your own unique bottles of bourbon. Complete the following form if you are interested in barrel picks toward creating your own unique bottles of bourbon.

Complete the form below to get started. We recommend setting up a call to discuss how the process works, and to answer any questions.



• What are the minimums?

Typically, a barrel.   However, in some circumstances, we could be flexible and able to break up a barrel for a smaller bottle quantity.   It’s a factor of supply and demand, but we will be as accommodating as possible.


• How long does this take?

Once labelling and packaging are determined, it takes anywhere from a few weeks to a month to get the product from the barrel to the bottles.   The timeline can be firmed up during one of the initial calls to meet nearly any demand.


• Can a member purchase more than one bottle?

Certainly - this is solely a decision made by your group/club.



• Can we sell these bottles on the secondary market?

Our products are not designed or intended for resale, and we aren't responsible or what happens post-purchase.


Do we collect payments, or does Distijl?


• Can we design our own label? Can we select our own bottle type?

Yes and yes (although the bottle types are from a pre-selected group of vendors and there are many options - short, tall, high shoulders, low shoulders, etc)

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