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I am not a green card holder (permenant resident) nor a U.S citizen, can I quality for a mortgage? 我不是绿卡/公民身份,可以申请贷款吗?

Yes! You can apply for a mortgage with a qualifying VISA. Please contact us for detail. 可以。只要有美国签证就可以贷款。

How long does this whole mortgage process take? 贷款流程大概需要多少天?

Glad that you ask! We can close in as short as 15 days. 我们最快可以做到15天放款。

How much does this mortgage process with Anju Capital cost me out of pocket? 与安居投资的整个贷款流程需要我支付什么费用?

There is a $20-$30 charge for credit report and a $300-$500 for appraisal. We offer appraisal reimbursement for qualifying borrowers. Please call for detail $20-$30的信用报告费 + $300-$500的估价费。我们会为针对符合条件的贷款人报销估价费。详情请致电咨询。

I am not in the U.S right now. Can I take care of the whole process while I'm overseas. 我现在人不在美国,可以贷款吗?

Sure thing! You could choose to receive documents and communication via email, and you could also sign most of the documents electronically. 当然!我们可以通过电子邮件沟通和传递文件,同时您也可以用电子签名的方式签署大部分文件。

I need a pre-qualification/pre-approval letter to make an offer. Can Anju Capital get me one? 我现在看中了一所房子准备向房主出价,安居投资能给我开具一封预备贷款批准信吗?

Absolutely! It's completely free of charge. We can get back to you with your pre-qualification letter the very same day. 没问题,此项服务完全免费。我们可以当天给您开具预备贷款批准信。