Distijl offers personalized barrel selection – single barrels under private labels –

for clubs, organizations, and individuals. 


We select and purchase the finest inventory of unique bourbons still in the barrel.  While occasionally similar, no two barrels are exactly alike. 

We invite you to develop your very own, completely unique product. You select the barrel, choose a bottle, and we work with you on embellishing the bottle. We make it easy and coordinate the bottling and labeling.


Complete the form below to get started. We recommend setting up a call to discuss how the process works and answer any question.

Inventory is limited, so we will send samples to interested parties in the order applications are received.



What is the minimum number of bottles?

• Typically, a minimum of one barrel. However, in some circumstances, we could be flexible and able to break up a barrel for a smaller bottle quantity, i.e. if you are making bottles for charity, a special event, etc.

• It depends on supply and demand, but we will be as accommodating as possible. 100 bottles would be the guideline.

How long does this take?

It's about a 6-8 weeks process from sampling and paying the deposit. The timeline can be firmed-up and adjusted during one of the initial calls to meet nearly any demand. Once labeling and packaging is determined, it takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks to get the product from the barrel to the bottles.

Can a group purchase more than one barrel?

Certainly – some groups have purchased 2 barrels and blended them together. Others have purchased several barrels, but bottled each as a unique single barrel.

Can we sell these bottles on the secondary market?

Once you purchase your bottles it is yours to do with what you will, in accordance with the laws regarding this sort of thing. We have mixed feelings about the secondary market, but will leave that up to you.

Do we collect payments from our members, or does Distijl?

Payments from individuals should be handled by your group or club.

Can we design our own label? Can we select our own bottle?

Yes and yes! That's one of the coolest aspects of the program. Bottle shapes are from a pre-selected group of vendors, and there are many options - short, tall, high shoulders, low shoulders, etc. Our latest bottle catalog is available here. If you find something you prefer over these options, we can source just about anything; however, your bottle may be more expensive, require higher minimum quantities, etc.

Are there lmitations on labeling, design.

Distijl is required to apply our TTB-approved regulatory label to each bottle. If a customer requires design modifications related to this label, we will work with the customer to modify the aesthetic look/feel within the TTB approved guidelines, at the customer’s expense. Decoration, vanity stickers, club emblems, etc. We can help you design whatever decoration you desire to adorn your work of art; however, there are some rules we have to follow. • Any club or vanity stickers applied to bottles will be done ONLY post-purchase. • We will not procure, print, or adhere stickers or labels that knowingly violate IP or copyright laws, as spelled out below. • The label must be legal with the TTB and contain no profanity, vulgarity, content that is culturally insensitive, or any other content deemed inappropriate by the Distijl brand. • Distijl reserves the absolute right to refuse to apply any stickers or labels. • You assume all responsibility for any added stickering activity that occurs post-sale, and you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Distijl harmless for any additional labeling that happens post-sale.

What content is prohibited under intellectual property laws?

No use of names, logos, content, photos, pictures, or other unauthorized use of intellectual property relating to colleges/universities, professional sports teams, video games, clubs, organizations, musical groups or artists, or Olympic merchandise, known distilleries, producers of distilled spirits, or known brands either past or present. No use of photos, logos, or other artwork depicting actors, actresses, models, or other celebrities. No use of pictures or photographs of products, such as toys or potentially copyrighted memorabilia. No modification of the name or other intellectual property relating to these individuals to avoid infringement. Bottle designs, logos, and depictions cannot mimic or copy the likeness of the brand, or in such manner that would seem confusing to a consumer. No use of logos of companies, trademarks, or names of companies, unless you are the holder of the trademark, or an agent for that company. Documentation identifying your valid trademark and the goods and/or services to which it pertains may be required. Exception: content depicting political parties is permissible if used to promote political free speech and if the content does not otherwise use or depict other trademarks, names, or logos. Content depicting political figures is permissible if used to promote political free speech (and not to endorse products). A political figure is usually a person holding or seeking political office. Use of logos, names of groups, organizations, or clubs not covered by trademark (such as a Facebook group or social club), is permitted, however proof as a right holder or administrator of the group, club, or organization may be required.

How does payment work?

Once you select a barrel, we require a signed contract and 25% non-refundable deposit to secure your barrel. This covers the cost of bottles, labels, etc. The remainder payment is due upon pick-up.

Can I get the empty barrel?

Yes, the physical empty barrel is included in the price, if you want it. Unless you pick it up, you should make arrangements to ship the barrel. We have a shipping partner that will handle that, if you are interested. No, we cannot sell you a full barrel, in accordance with the law.

Do you offer bottle customizations, such as waxing, and other adornments?

Yes we do. We can work with you on this. A single dip of wax is included in the price. Additional waxing or special custom wax options (stamping, glow-in-the-dark, etc.) could incur additional costs. Waxing has to be clean and free from drips. (Without naming names, another maker has the exclusive rights to their 'drippy' wax mark).

What's included in the offer?

Included in the price is the following:

  • A designated quantity of single barrels of distilled spirits, selected by you or your group from a series of samples. You must be 21 to receive or try our samples.
  • You may opt to proof them down to impact flavor or increase yield.
  • Your selected barrels are bottled into your choice of bottles in our bottle catalog. Bottles are subject to change or fluctuations in availability. Bottles outside of our catalog might incur additional charges. Bottles smaller than 750ml may also result in additional costs.
  • The bottles are sealed —shrink-wrapped, capsuled, or single wax-dipped in your choice of color. For available wax colors, see our Pantone Chart. Additional enclosure options will be considered; however, there may be additional costs incurred.
  • Bottles are labeled, details written on each label by hand. If we produce your club sticker, we will also apply it and add any other hand-written info such as numbering or additional information, you request.
  • We box them up, and you pick up the lot, including your empty barrel(s) if you want it.
  • When you come to pick-up, we usually include a little Kentucky hospitality, depending on your schedule. So let us know your plans, and we'll do the rest.

Do you ship? Do I have to pick up in Kentucky?

Completing your purchase and picking up your bottles in Kentucky is the best experience. We usually show you a little Kentucky hospitality as part of the experience – not to be missed! At this time we are unable to ship; however, Kentucky laws are changing, so we will see what happens. Until then, Distijl will help you connect with some partners who may be able to help get it shipped to your state, and you take it from there.

Can we purchase just the full barrel?

Not unless you are federally licensed to do so. There are tons of US regulations around distilled spirits. One of those prevents us from selling to a consumer any spirit that isn't in a federally approved and labeled bottle to a consumer. If you are a wholesaler, then let's talk.

If I refer someone, do I get a commission?

Our customer's referrals are often our best new customers. While we don't pay commission on referring, we will discuss discounting your next barrel for any referral that results in a Personal Barrel Selection transaction and sale. Just let us know!

Will you tell me where the Bourbon or Whiskey was sourced?

Distijl is unable to disclose the distillery that produced our aged bourbons due to confidentiality agreements and partnerships. We WILL disclose the age, the mash bill, the state of distillation, the classification of the distillery (heritage/non-heritage), and the proof of the product, assuming this information is available to us.

How many bottles will I get? What is the yield of a barrel?

We have created a calculator that helps estimate yield here. Keep in mind every barrel is unique, and every barrel's yield is different. Our calculator is about +/- 10% off the numbers shown. (TIP: for all purposes, keep the barrel entry proof at 125). Yeild depends on a couple factors:

  • On the age of the Bourbon or Whiskey, and on how much has been lost to the Angel's Share (the process of evaporation out of the barrel over time).
  • On the barrel. No two barrels are exactly alike, and some will lose more to Angel's Share than others.
  • The bottling proof that you want for your product. If you proof your Bourbon or Whiskey down (adding water), you can increase your yield.

How do you do this?

As a federally licensed wholesaler of spirits we have built relationships with great partners who are sourcing and brokering spirits.

What is the price per bottle?

We've developed a simple pricing estimator to determine pricing here. Current pricing includes all expenses—bottle, labelling, your sticker, enclosure/wax — unless you are interested in doing something extremely custom. We don't ship, but see discussion on that below.





Complete this form, and we will be in touch. Inventory is limited.